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No vacancies until August 2023

We have started booking the Summer/autumn 2023 places in Rainbow group.  Currently we are making arrangements for families who registered between March and July 2022. 

Admission process

Registration (please fill in and submit the form on the right)
You are on the waiting list
Is there a vacancy?
No, you remain on the waiting list
Yes. We check the waiting list
priority for siblings, children filling the place within the nursery, children with medical/social needs
we match children's age and days, thinking also about their progression to the next stage
contact families who are looking for matching place
agree start date and days of attendance
confirm place in writing, families pay registration fee and deposit
please note that this a general guide
there is further information below that may help

Additional information about the application process

Waiting list

  • Anyone can join the waiting list by filling out the contact form on the right
  • You remain on the waiting list until we can offer you a place or you find alternative childcare
  • There is no charge for joining the waiting list
  • We appreciate that some families have been on the waiting list for a long time, unfortunately once an age group is full, it is hard to accommodate new children in that cohort unless someone leaves
  • Children tend to move together therefore places rarely come up mid year (November to July)
  • Seedlings Day Nursery only asks for payments if we can offer a place and it is confirmed in writing
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  • our main transition happens between July and October
  • as 4 year olds leave for primary school, all other children move up an age group and we allocate places to new babies in our youngest group
  • internal transition: children tend to move together with their group, visit their new room at first, spend gradually more time before they are there for all day – transition usually takes a week
    • sometimes staff members move as well, but that depends on the staff structure
    • transition is discussed and agreed with the family and staff members
  • attendance, settling in sessions

Admission of new children

    • new children usually join between July and October in Rainbow group
    • bookings are confirmed in writing after we received the deposit (£500) and registration fee (£55)
    • booking confirmation contains children’s start date, days off attendance, settling in sessions

Sibling priority

    • we kindly ask parents to register sibling as soon as possible
    • when we have a vacancy, priority will be give to sibling whose brother/sister already attends the setting
    • we cannot guarantee places for sibling
    • we decide cases on an individual basis

Registration form

Child's details:

Child birth date:

Your details:

Your requirements:

Expected start date:

Viewing the nursery


As demand is higher than the number of places we can offer, we can only invite those families for show around who have a chance of being offered a place.

Free entitlement delivery

The Childcare Choices website provides information on the current Government childcare offers.​

  • Seedlings Day Nursery will continue to deliver 15 hours free entitlement to those who are not eligible for the 30 hours
  • ​For eligible children who attend 2 days we are able to offer 20 hours funded place
  • For eligible children who attend 3, 4 or 5 days we are able to offer 30 hours

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further questions or visit the Free Entitlement Delivery page for more details.

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Outstanding Testimonials

We receive excellent feedback from parents whose children attend our nursery, for example:

“I cannot begin to thank you all for the incredible love, car and support all the staff at Seedlings have given our daughter over the last few years.

She has absolutely loved being at Seedlings. We feel lucky to have found such a fantastic nursery for our little girl to experience. I am always filled with happiness when I pick her up and see her smiling, playing and always having fun…”

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Spacious Facilities

Seedlings has spacious facilities and a large outdoor garden so children can get lots of outdoor play and fresh air.

Plus we regularly take children off site to explore nature at Forest School.

Flexible Attendance Plans

Seedlings has flexible attendance plans and can offer both full time places plus part-time places.

We try and work with you to accommodate your requirements.