3-5 years*

Pre-school is for children 3-4.

The room is set out in different areas: role play, book corner, carpet area, sand and water area, maths table, writing table, creative area etc.

Our children and staff come from different cultural backgrounds, staff members are encouraged to bring their individual talents and knowledge to the children through language, music, arts, cooking etc. These first hand experiences provide playful learning opportunities for the children.​

We post group and individual observations on Tapestry.


 We make sure there is a balance between child led and adult led activities for the age group. All seven areas of development are monitored during the daily routine, through appropriate planning and free flow activities

Quiet time

Children who don’t nap

Read books on their own

Listen to a story read by an adult

Collect their embroidered cushion and find a space on the carpet to rest for about 15-25 minutes

Calming music or an audio story is played during this time.

Free flow

There are a lot of free flow opportunities within the whole pre-school so that children get access in all areas of learning and development within their environment


Sleep time

Children who nap

Listen to a story read by and adult

Own individual beds (sheets washed/beds antibacterial sprayed as and when needed)

Calming music played

Adult supervises the room-children can generally self soothe to sleep

*Please note:

The age groups depend on the current intake and the age brackets are just a guidance.

We accommodate children’s individual needs and take into account how they develop when planning for them.