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Healthy Food

At Seedlings we aim to provide children with well balanced nutritious meals and snacks. We are an egg free setting, due to increasing number of children with egg allergies we took the decision to stop giving children products containing egg or traces of egg.

We have three menus for Monday to Friday which are rotated weekly during the month.

These include a choice of cereal, a healthy morning snack, a tasty main course and pudding at lunch time and a different healthy snack in the afternoon.

A learning experience

Mealtimes are a learning experience for the children and we ensure the children have opportunity to eat plenty of fruit during the day…

Our menu

Click the link below to view the current menu:

Menus April 2022

Please be reminded that at times we may need to change the menu on the day according to availability of ingredients.

The daily menu is also displayed in the window and examples of menu choices are also displayed below:

Examples are:

  • Lentil and mushroom Bolognese with linguine
  • Vegetarian Swedish balls with hidden tomato sauce and couscous
  • Turkey mince chilli with jellof rice
  • Vegetarian sausages with mashed potato and baked plantain
  • Roast chicken/ soya pieces with oven potatoes, gravy and vegetables
  • Cauliflower and chickpea curry with rice and vegetables
  • Broccoli and leek pasta bake

Examples of puddings are:

  • Fresh fruit platter
  • Apple crumble with cream
  • Greek yoghurt and raisins
  • Banana custard
  • Cinnamon swirl
  • Homemade fruity flapjack

Examples are:

  • Cornish wafers with cherry tomatoes

  • Fruits
  • Melon and mango
  • Toasted English muffin with spread and oranges
  • Oat cake and apple slices
  • Bread sticks Carrot sticks and garlic dip
  • Cheese and grapes

Examples are:

  • Bagel and fruit
  • Tasted English muffin and satsumas
  • Tuna pasta salad
  • Pitta bread pizzas with cheese and sweetcorn
  • Baked potatoes and beans