Forest School


Garthorne Road Nature Reserve

Forest School sessions are child led to accommodate individual learning styles and schemas. Children are encouraged to make choices, and follow their own learning.

The adults’ role is to facilitate their learning. A small group of pre-school children have been visiting our Forest School site on a weekly basis at:

Garthorne Road Nature Reserve

Unfortunately the Forest School site is currently closed until further notice

Just before we had to stop our sessions, we were lucky enough to have lots of muddy play, splashing in puddles, clambering up on slippery slopes.

We also started using new types of tools such as mullets, secateurs and hand saws.

muddy slope

Feedback from Ofsted

What do the children think about Forest School?

“Children are excited, enthused and exceptionally eager to share their experiences.”

“For example, when they return from the outdoor learning school they excitedly say, ‘We saw a grass snake.’ They hold up their arms and shout, ‘It was this big!'”

Ofsted report, May 2018

The importance of safety

“Children have an excellent understanding of keeping themselves safe.”

“For example, they very confidently and correctly answer staff questions about safety as they prepare to visit and play in the woods and use equipment at the outdoor learning school.”

Ofsted report, May 2018